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Mid Ulster Women's Aid provides a range of confidential services and encourages women to find practical solutions to their own domestic abuse problems.

Details of the Domestic and Sexual Violence Helpline - text SUPPORT to 07797 805 839 or email


Have you ever felt bad about yourself by continually being put down by someone you used to or currently live with?

Have you ever been:

  • Told you are useless, ugly or stupid
  • Slapped, punched, kicked, shoved or head-butted
  • Told that you are a bad mother
  • Deprived of money
  • Deprived of affection
  • Not allowed to leave the house without permission
  • Forced to have unwanted sexual relations
  • Threatened


If the answer to any of these questions is YES then you are experiencing domestic violence and it is UNACCEPTABLE and YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO BE TREATED IN THAT WAY.


We will support the decisions you make for yourself (and your children) while providing guidance about available options.


Telephone the Women's Resource Centre in Confidence on (028) 8676 9300

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