Group work programmes are offered, which are needs-led and are centrally focused on supporting children and young people. Our programmes aim to build children and young people’s self esteem and confidence, and enable them to participate in a group. Programmes also help children and young people to identify their own personal support network. The emphasis is on learning through fun activities and group discussion.

Available programmes include:

Developing Social Guardians to Deliver Helping Hands

A two day training programme to enable key stage 2 teachers to deliver Helping Hands.

  1. Assists teachers to understand the context and impact of domestic and sexual violence in the lives of children and their families.
  2. Enables teachers to deliver the Helping Hands Programme linked to the Northern Ireland Curriculum.
  3. Creates a shared language and tools for teachers and children to discuss feelings and safety.

Helping HandsHelping Hands

Duration: 6 x 1 hour sessions
Age Range: 7-11

Core themes:

  1. We all have the right to feel safe all the time.
  2. Nothing is so awful or so small that we cannot talk about it with someone.
  3. Others have the right to feel safe around us.

Download the Helping Hands Leaflet (PDF 230kb)

Heading For Healthy RelationshipsHeading For Healthy Relationships

Duration: 6 x 1 hour sessions
Age Range: 12-18

This programme raises awareness and understanding about what makes a healthy, non-violent relationship. It explores relationships, gender roles, conflict management and domestic and sexual violence. The programme also aims to enable young people to make informed choices about their lives and shows them how to recognise when a relationship has the potential to become abusive. This programme can be delivered on a one to one basis or in a group setting.

Download the Heading For Helathy Relationships Leaflet (PDF 2.44mb)

Positive Relationships

Duration: 4 x 1 hour sessions
Age Range: 13+

This programme is delivered in post primary schools in a group setting.

  • Session 1 – What is a relationship, why we have them and needs met through relationships
  • Session 2 – The  characteristics of Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships, Coercive Control and Consent
  • Session 3 – Dating Violence and Abusive Behaviours, Trauma and Self- Care
  • Session 4 – Digital Abuse, Safety Planning and Available Support