The work carried out by Mid-Ulster Women’s Aid is extremely worthwhile and makes a real difference to the lives of individuals within our community. We protect women, children and young people from abusive situations and work to prevent them from occurring in the future. Furthermore, we offer courses to help both women, children and young people get their lives back on track after their experiences. If you would like to be a part of such worthwhile and rewarding work, but do not have the time to volunteer, donations are more than welcome and very much appreciated.


You can donate to Mid-Ulster Women’s Aid any amount that you prefer using the link below.


Furthermore, you may drop in to the address above in order to make a cash donation. The donation will be passed on to the finance department and you will receive a written receipt.


You can send a postal donation to us by posting a cheque of any amount payable to Mid-Ulster Women’s Aid to the following address;

Mid-Ulster Women’s Aid
Women’s Resource Centre
27 Old Coagh Road
County Tyrone
BT80 8QG
Northern Ireland