Practical and emotional support is provided to women and children affected by domestic and sexual violence who choose to remain at home or in a community setting through a floating support service.

The aim of the service is to help those women with special and complex needs, specific to their domestic and sexual violence situation, to maintain and sustain their home through making informed choices about their accommodation needs.

The main areas of focus are:

Domestic and Sexual Violence Education

Educating women about the nature and impact of domestic and sexual violence.

Safety Planning

Addressing women’s safety and security needs.

Housing Support

General housing support to maintain and sustain housing, and in the event of a ‘move-on’, ensuring appropriate resettlement services for women.

Money Management

Budgeting support and signposting to relevant services.


Advocacy on behalf of women where domestic and sexual violence has decreased their ability to act on their own behalf.

Specialist Services

Informing women of available specialist services for example mental health / addiction, etc.

Support Networks

Encouraging women to establish support networks in the community, with relevant agencies and friends & family.

Court Support

Support is offered to women who need to attend court on any issue relating to domestic and sexual violence. The benefits include:

  • Confidential support service
  • Private waiting room
  • Refreshments available
  • Court support worker to clarify information during the process
  • Someone who is familiar with court
  • Pre-court visit if required
  • Accompaniment to solicitors
  • Refer women to other appropriate agencies for specialist support
  • Link children and young people affected into appropriate Women’s Aid Services